Maserati Ghibli AM115*004

Oldest Ghibli now in restoration.

Amongst the earliest Ghiblis produced, this particular example bears chassis no. 004 and was produced by Maserati in March of 1967. Finished in Rosso Rubino with a white leather interior and fitted with a manual transmission, it was built just in time to be shown on Maserati’s stand at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show. While the Ghibli was introduced at the 1966 Turin Motor Show, this undoubtedly would have been the first Ghibli seen in the flesh or in photographs by many enthusiasts, and surely helped to grow the model’s overall desirability and appeal, especially when finished in eye-catching Rosso Rubino. Another interesting point to note is that it boasts a slightly different trunk lid design, which is indicative of early production Ghibli coupes.

Following its showing at the Geneva Motor Show, chassis no. 004 remained in Switzerland and was sold new to an owner in Chiasso. Unfortunately, at some point in its early life, it suffered fire damage and is noted as being sold with fire damage in Zug to Max Saxer of Hinwil, also in Switzerland, in February of 1975. It was repainted green and retrimmed with a black interior. Amazingly, the Ghibli would remain with the Saxer family for the following 38 years, passing from Mr Saxer to his son, also named Max.

The consignor purchased the car from the Saxer family in October of 2013 and had it serviced prior to shipment to Germany, where it resides on display as the keystone of an interesting collection of Maseratis. Since this purchase, the car has not been driven and would likely need to be recommissioned if it was returned to road use. Commissioning a restoration to bring it back to its 1967 Geneva Motor Show colours would surely offer numerous opportunities to show the car at concours events worldwide.

Without a doubt the most iconic Maserati of its era, the Ghibli proved to be an excellent grand touring car and could easily hold its own against Ferrari’s 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta. Of the 1,149 examples produced, this is perhaps one of the most desirable, benefiting from Geneva Motor Show history and ownership in the same family for nearly 40 years. It would be an exciting addition to any collection of Maseratis worldwide.


Now that the Ghibli 004 is finally under restoration, we find out that it has had considerable damage in the past. If this Ghibli could write a book, it could be an interesting and even an exciting book. The bodywork has been completely stripped and all deformed or rusted sheet metal parts have been replaced. The car will be painted red again in the original colour 'Rosso Rubino Chiaro'.  The interior will be white as original.